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#GrabYourWallet Gets Burlington Coat Facto...

LFC's Photo LFC 15 February 2017 - 06:22 PM

The #GrabYourWallet movement is going after any business that deals with any of the Trump family. Burlington Coat Factory pulled Ivanka's items offline after being in the crosshairs. Coincidence? Possibly but this kind of pressure hurts, especially when Trump is doing everything in his power to drag his popularity into the dirt while simultaneously changing opponent dislike to hatred and loathing.


Burlington Coat Factory, a South Jersey-based discount retailer, is the latest to pull down Ivanka Trump’s products from its website. The retailer is facing criticism from #GrabYourWallet boycott campaign for ties with President Donald Trump’s family.

Burlington sold 13 items from the Ivanka Trump brand and now the retailer no longer sells the first daughter’s products online. A search on Burlington’s website for Ivanka’s fashion line showed up the message: “We are not getting any results for the brand you’ve searched.”

The company has not issued any statement over the development. It is not clear if the company is selling the Ivanka Trump products in its stores.

Despite the pulling down of Ivanka’s products, #GrabYourWallet boycott said it will continue to target Burlington. The campaign urged anyone who opposes Trump's actions and policies to boycott any company that does business with the first family.

Traveler's Photo Traveler 16 February 2017 - 08:32 AM

Grabyourwallet needs to publicize the good ones as well. A boycott can work both ways. Believe me, the trumpistas will look at it that way, so we have to respond in kind. Not a nice thing for many companies. But folks like Exxon, ADM, Monsanto etc, a public backlash (such as it would be possible) would be bad business.

Hit them where it really hurts.

LFC's Photo LFC 16 February 2017 - 01:29 PM

More brand tarnishing through associated with The Donald. In full:


From MarketWatch:


Under Armour Inc. was downgraded Wednesday to a rare bearish rating at Susquehanna Financial, which cited the “reputational risk” created by the chief executive’s praise of President Donald Trump.

Analyst Sam Poser cut his rating on the athletic apparel and accessories company UAA, +0.11% to negative, after being at neutral since Jan. 31, and at positive since Aug. 11. Only four of the 310, or 1.3%, of the companies covered by Susquehanna were rated negative through Tuesday.

As I noted earlier this month, we continue to see this breakdown: Corporate boardrooms are looking for regulatory and tax relief and a pliant White House and currying favor to get it. This is especially the case in the manufacturing sector for non-consumer goods. But consumer brands increasingly recognize Trump as toxic to their future. Things get dicey when one corporation is operating on both channels at one time.

Trump could never let his ego admit that he has actually destroyed his daughter's brand. Of course she wouldn't have even had a brand without daddy's name recognition in the first place.