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In Topic: Bill Cosby is a Monster

16 January 2019 - 02:22 AM

Fancy waking up in Cosby's bed and thinking 'I did what?'

In Topic: CHINA

15 January 2019 - 10:49 PM

View PostJ-CA, on 15 January 2019 - 05:46 PM, said:

The Boxer rebellion is and the Boxers themselves are a key part of the modern narrative of Chinese history promoted by the current government, they're movement was a forerunner to the Communist revolution, a clear demonstration of the weakness of the Qing dynasty and the oppression caused by foreigners in China. It is still salient because the popular culture maintains it as such.
From the 1st opium war onwards westerners in China had all sorts of weird privileges, China was really a vassal state of the whole west and resentment, in particular among the elites, ran high with good reason as I understand it.
Still does! My Chinese contacts are proud of the architecture in Shanghai's French and British sections, but bristle with resentment anyway. Of course they do. State propaganda fuels this too.

I would add that people now days view the opium wars with disgust. It is worth remembering that views on drugs back then were quite different. In some counties in England up to half the adults were opium addicts. Opium was simply a commodity people wanted. Cannabis was burnt to get babies to sleep and toothache pain was treated with henbane (active ingredient hyoscine), brewers also popped henbane into beer. Hops with high high cannabis content were also used for beer.

Recent hangovers were Tiger Balm (cocain), Coca cola (cocain), in fact coca cola was initially conceived as a medicine.

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15 January 2019 - 10:27 PM

View PostTraveler, on 15 January 2019 - 01:31 PM, said:

Pretty good summary of why we are going after China. Section 301 is a pretty powerful hammer. Much more so than the tariffs. At least Lightizer is focusing on the real issues. That said, prognosis don't look good. Folks cannot testify for fear of the CCP.
The article does deal with American concerns although I wondered why it seemed to cast uncertainty throughout on the USTR report. Then I found the author - Wendy Wu. To be fair she may be objective, I mean what's in a name? Hmmmmn. Having been shafted so many times by Chinese businesses I am hardly impartial but -

In Topic: CHINA

15 January 2019 - 12:49 AM

Old Chinese saying, 'Kill a chicken scare the monkeys'. With the retrial and sentencing to death of Robert Schellenberg, China is beginning to treat the World like it's own citizens. At first I did not understand the calculation because it will unite the west around their leaders, but it looks like China believes the World is so intertwined that we now have to accept their brutal antics. My contacts on wechat are abuzz and incredulous. Chinese intellectuals are saying the calculus can only be that China is now ready to force their conditions on the World. In my previous post I pointed to the hopeless plight of up to 1,000,000 Xinjiang citizens in 're-education' prison. They do not care any more, our policies have created a monster.


I am sad to say that the voices of my Chinese colleagues are tinged with pride too. Their view is that the west has long subjugated China and there is ample resentment. The new tone is disconcerting.

In Topic: Former UK ambassador says Syrian Chemical Attacks were Staged - BBC interview.

13 January 2019 - 10:27 AM

View PostTraveler, on 13 January 2019 - 10:11 AM, said:

George, couple of things. Libya was not bombed back to the stone age. All ordnance was directed as Qaddafi's army. They destroyed Misrata, not US bombs. As for Iraq, the bombing of Mosul was to eliminate ISIS (which Bush and Maliki gave us via Bremer, I know.) And to say Kurds are Jihadis is totally off base. So three of your perspectives are clearly mistaken, which doesn't help your cause.

If I implied Kurds were Jihadis that was off base and I did not mean to. But upon review I see where you are coming from. The wording could be better. I have edited my post to show this.

For Iraq, I was talking about the Bush WMD campaign, not ISIS.

Lybia is now still fighting and lawless. Still divided. I might add before the bombing it was one of the best regional countries. It was thriving.