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Secret Police

17 July 2020 - 05:36 PM

This is ... not good. Portland in particular has had unmarked vehicles with armed and unmarked (no ID, just "Police") uniformed ... something ... cruising the streets and rounding people up, then either taking them for interrogation or dropping them off later. The Governor and the Mayor have confirmed that Federal authorities say they're actual Feds, no further details. Otherwise, dark.
Remember, no personal ID. No badge numbers. Badges, in fact. They could be a local Boogaloo group recruited for the purpose; some people are saying that they're Department of Corrections and Prisons "crisis" goons, trained to dive into a prison riot and break heads until there is no resistance.
Turned onto the streets of Portland.
OK, that's the good news. It looks like this is a warmup for November. These fine upstanding Forces Of Truth and Justice will be standing guard over our precious election to make sure no busloads of illegal aliens roll up to ruin out precious democracy. Possibly by making sure that nobody in places like Portland vote, no telling.
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