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The Far Left Has "Flat Out Lost Its Mind"

19 September 2019 - 09:38 AM

-- Thread for the Excesses of the Far Left --

Oh for f***'s sake. Trudeau dressed up as Aladdin for an "Arabian Nights" themed party in 2001 and put on brown makeup because, you know, Aladdin would have been F***ING BROWN! Now the left-wing offense squad is in full screech mode, Time magazine and the rest of the MSM seem to be in on the "scandal", and Trudeau is going along with it and doing the apology thing. This is too f***ing stupid for words.


At least three images have emerged in the past 24 hours that show Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing racist makeup.

Trudeau acknowledged two of the incidents in a TIME Magazine piece published this week and apologized for the behavior, which he acknowledged was racist. TIME Magazine published two photos of separate times Trudeau wore brownface and blackface makeup.

One incident was during an “Arabian Nights” themed gala at a school at which he was teaching in 2001. In the photo, Trudeau is seen wearing a turban and robes with darkened makeup on his face, neck and hands. The image was published in the West Point Grey Academy 2000-2001 yearbook, where he was teaching at the time. A Vancouver businessman named Michael Adamson reportedly shared the photo with TIME because he felt it should be made public.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better and I didn’t. I’m really sorry,” Trudeau told TIME Magazine this week, which first reported on the photo.

When TIME asked if he thought the photo was racist, Trudeau said: “Yes it was. I didn’t consider it racist at the time, but now we know better.”

The other incident was in high school, when he wore blackface makeup to sing a Jamaican folk song.

“I deeply regret that I did that,” he told TIME of the blackface incident.

But a third image has surfaced of Trudeau wearing blackface since the TIME piece was published. Global News obtained a video that appears to show Trudeau wearing blackface makeup and sticking his tongue out. A senior Liberal Party official reportedly confirmed to Global News that the person in the video was Trudeau.

GM and UAW in an Ugly Standoff

18 September 2019 - 12:53 PM

GM and the UAW failed to come to an agreement and now workers are out on strike. GM seems to be willing to give in some but not a ton while the strikers are demanding more. I suspect it's going to be bitter before they find a middle ground and settle. Here's the general explanation but the piece has a lot more specific details.


Nearly 50,000 GM auto workers are now on strike for the second day in a row, trying to accomplish what the president could not. From Georgia to Michigan, outside more than 50 US factories, they are picketing around the clock, venting their anger over the company’s recent decisions. They are demanding — among other things — that GM keep jobs in the US and reopen its idled factories.

“The company just started making decisions unilaterally, and it hasn't gone over well,” Art Wheaton, a labor relations professor at Cornell University, told me.

GM employees with the United Auto Workers union had been negotiating another four-year contract when talks broke down this weekend, right as the previous contract expired. The deal they are hashing out will serve as a template for the union’s new contracts with Ford and Chrysler, too. That’s why the strike is so significant: What GM workers get at the end of their strike will determine what hundreds of thousands of auto workers have to live with.

But national politics have complicated the talks. Trump keeps trying to get involved, and it’s not helping. So employees are doing this on their own.

General Motors caused an uproar in November when it announced plans to close up to five factories in the US and Canada and cut more than 14,000 jobs over the next two years.

The automaker said that consumers weren’t buying enough cars like the Chevy Cruze and that the overhaul would save the company $6 billion. GM also blamed President Donald Trump, whose tariffs on imported steel have cost the company $1 billion.

GM’s decision to cut jobs and close factories sparked a backlash from lawmakers in Canada and the United States. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) called it “corporate greed at its worst,” pointing out that GM received millions in corporate tax cuts but failed to use the money to invest in its workers. Instead, the company recently announced plans to build its new Chevy Blazer in Mexico, a decision that frustrated US labor unions that want those jobs to go to American workers.

ABC Goes Trumpian on the Saudi Oil Refinery Attacks

18 September 2019 - 12:14 PM

You can always count on the MSM to f*** it up. I watched some coverage for the past two mornings and there are two big points that really jumped out.

1) They keep referring to this as an attack on "the world's oil supply." W...T...F? Seriously, can you make this any more incendiary? It can't be between Middle Eastern nations with a long history and a rough current. Nope, Iran attack "the world."

2) They jumped on Iran immediately without literally once sentence about not having proof yet but lots of parroting of Pompeo.

If this is what counts as "left wing media" then clearly the left wing has no media.

I Got Banned by The American Conservative

17 September 2019 - 10:27 AM

Too funny! I guess Rod Dreher couldn't take the challenge and had me banned. What a pathetic little shit.

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The Homeless - The Latest Right-Wing Attack Point

14 September 2019 - 10:01 AM

Screeching about the homeless, a situation that Republicans of course have done nothing about and if anything have made worse, seems to be the latest attack line. Faux News is amplifying the shit out of it of course. It's all about attacking liberals. There are zero realistic solutions being proposed which is pretty much par for the course for anything Republican. Since this sounds like it will be a continuing line of attack, perhaps one of the few they have, I expect this thread to continue.


Before Trump administration officials landed this week in Los Angeles on a visit ostensibly aimed at understanding the city’s homelessness crisis, Fox News had been pounding a steady drum beat of fear-mongering about the issue.

President Trump’s new focus on intervening in blue cities — which are home to some of his most vocal political critics — appears driven less by sincere concern about the plight of the poor and more by a desire to find a new vehicle for lobbing criticisms at liberal politicians, as well as immigrants.

Currently, according to reports in the Washington Post and New York Times, Trump officials are looking at ideas — such as cracking down on homelessness camps — that would trample all over federalism and the bill of rights, and not even begin to go at the root causes of extreme poverty.

The campaign bears similarities to Trump’s attacks on immigrants and his smears of cities like Baltimore as being a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

Here are 5 points on how the homeless have become Trump’s latest scapegoat.