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I did not have "Radioactive forest fires at Chernobyl" on my Bingo Card

04 June 2020 - 03:23 PM

Somehow we missed this one.

Chernobyl, Ukraine Fires 2020
April 8, 2020


Forest fires have been burning near the site of the Chernobyl, Ukraine nuclear disaster since early April. Some of these fires are taking place within the “Exclusion Zone”, the 1,000-square-mile region surrounding the nuclear power plant which restricts access to areas contaminated with radiation from the 1986 disaster. This introduces the possibility that smoke plumes rising from the fires could transport dangerous radioactive particles into the atmosphere and into other regions, presenting a health and air quality risk to local populations.


Spanish porn actor arrested over fatal toad venom ceremony

04 June 2020 - 08:58 AM

As long as we're talking about toads...

Spanish porn actor arrested over fatal toad venom ceremony

Photographer died after ritual involving toad venom in Spanish town in 2019

Spanish police have arrested three people, including a well known pornographic actor, in connection with the death of a photographer who is thought to have died after inhaling toad venom during a shamanic ceremony.
The Guardia Civil did not name those detained, but the fatal ceremony, which took place in the Valencian town of Enguera in July 2019, allegedly involved the Spanish porn actor Nacho Vidal, and resulted in the death of a fashion photographer, José Luis Abad.


Latest info on the "Genitalia Eating Zombie Cicada Fungus"

03 June 2020 - 05:13 PM

I was hoping for "blood from faucets" as the next plague, but this will do.

Personal note: "Giant Toxic Toads" would make a great hard metal, head banging, death rock band name.

Giant toxic toads come out in South Florida as heavy rains set the perfect mood for breeding

“Who can I call to get rid of these monsters??? I’m dying over here and I have 3 dogs!”
The distressed plea for help was posted late last month by Ohilda Gilbert, a real estate agent, on a Facebook group of South Florida moms. A photo of a fat, warty cane toad next to a pool pump illustrated her post and fired up a conversation with over 200 comments about the dreaded amphibians.
The yellowish brown cane toads, also known as bufo, marine or giant toads, are making an appearance in South Florida after the recent heavy rains stirred them up from their burrows and gave them plenty of water to breed in. If summer turns out to be wetter than normal, as forecasts are predicting, tadpoles will have better chances of survival, potentially creating a population boom for the largest toad found in Florida — a big concern for many dog owners.


PS: One more reason I live where the air hurts my face.

Messages from the Planet Twilo/Postcards from the "edgy"

11 May 2020 - 03:46 PM

I recently subscribed to a site called Boomer E mail. I get periodic emails with the latest messages from the "Planet Twilo". By all means, feel free to post similar links or quotes here.

Our only criteria: It MUST be from the Planet Twilo or its sister planet Zarcon

Here's the web link


This week's subject: Dr Fauci is a Libtard Fraud !!

After listing about 20 disproved claims from our favorite RW whack jobs, the writer says:

I’m not interested in unprovable conspiracy theories. These are just some facts.

If I were to speculate, it seems to me that they were experimenting on the coronavirus at the Wuhan labs, it got out either by accident or on purpose, and they already have a vaccine they are now waiting to get approved.

Rather than take responsibility and liability for this escape from their lab, which would be incalculable, they are going to sell the vaccine and make a fortune off the world.

Additional Facts: a global economic collapse would be the perfect scenario for the the long desired establishment of a one world socialist government - new world order. Collapse the global economy so that the government and World Bank (IMF) can rebuild it. Communist China would love to buy up our bankrupt industries and businesses. They have been buying our economy for decades. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are both heavily involved in this crisis and are both departments of a World Government. Bill Gates is also one of the biggest donors to the World Health Organization. Besides Covid19, Gates is also involved in the Climate Change propaganda, another crisis to usher in a one world government. And selling a vaccine for a global pandemic would provide more needed funds to establish a one world order.

This virus is perfect for communism, as it targets the weak and elderly (those who are a drag on the socialist systems, pulling out more than they are putting in) while leaving the vast majority of the young and healthy and strong alone (to continue to labor and produce).

Massive "I Love America" Facebook page, pushing pro-Trump propaganda, is run by...

23 September 2019 - 03:28 PM

Something we've known already. I fully expect "crickets" from my Trump fan buddies.

Report: A network of pro-Trump Facebook pages is operating from Ukraine

A network of Ukraine-administered Facebook pages has been posting content geared to Americans, promoting President Trump and attacking his critics, reports Popular Information, a newsletter from the liberal journalist Judd Legum.

Among the pages is one titled “I Love America,” which shares generic patriotic content alongside pro-Trump memes with its more than 1 million followers. Facebook data indicates that it’s run by 10 people in Ukraine, someone in the United States, and someone in Russia, according to the report.