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Brain rot

13 April 2019 - 07:54 PM

Like many people in the article, I've seen the disease first hand

The Bulwark

22 February 2019 - 09:08 PM

Has anyone else seen this site, or heard their podcast?


I've enjoyed Charlie Syke's transition to a "Conservative Classic", as the RW media went off the F-ing deep end.

His current podcast guest is our old friend David Frum.

Contrasts in character

02 September 2018 - 12:32 PM

For a forum that is dedicated to political banter, I'm a bit surprised there has been little discussion of Sen. McCain's passing and memorials this week. I know he's frustrated plenty of progressive people with his myopia about a military solution to most of the world's problems. He certainly had his flaws, but he was pretty good at becoming aware of them and admitting them. He had the typical GOP mind that lower taxes was always good, and that anything beyond military spending should be cut. And he inadvertently lowered the political discourse in the country by enabling Sarah Palin and her imitators. I could conjure up a long list of policy disagreements I had with him over the years.

But there was so much about his approach to service to country, the ability to see political opponents as Americans and not enemies, and an immense commitment to dignity and democracy around the world that is increasingly absent in Dumpster's America. He was relentless on dealing positively with immigration. He abhorred the influence of money in politics. He was a devoted friend to anyone he saw as principled and honest, despite ideological differences. And he had an abundance of political courage that was forged in Hanoi. And yet he spearheaded the normalization of relations with Vietnam and wanted to see his former enemies move forward in development and healing. And how many other Republicans were as vocal about the stain of the Bush administration's use of torture?

It's quite apparent that the orchestrated send off he prepared for his passing was meant as a huge rebuke of Dumpster and a call to his countrymen to be better citizens in a very dark chapter of America's history. Obviously the press has covered things that way, and even Faux News knows better than to smear him much in this time of remembrance.

Certainly his passing is a wake up call to political values that we've lost and to a civility and national purpose we've abandoned. Joe Biden was spot on about saying we won't see the likes of men like him again, and that's what makes me very sad for the state of our nation.

Game Over?

16 July 2018 - 11:17 PM

The next few months will determine if we become conquered by Russia or not. Any doubt about whether or not Dumpster is compromised by Putin or is insane were erased today, except for the delusional and the criminal co-conspirators like the House Republicans and right wing media hosts.

I could post all manner of commentary links from news media sources today, but apart from the Dumpster Fluffers, today's evidence of how f*cked things are was fairly universally noted.

Most every GOP office-holder except for a few is complicit. If we beat back the coup, a lot of them should be tried for treason.

Since I assume everyone here was born after WW2 ended, we don’t have the memories of our parents actually wondering if the US would survive the Axis powers. I’m continually reminded that we might be at a similar point in our history. We have been lulled into a sense of invincibility all of our lives.

It might take a shock action, like Dumpster launching a limited nuclear strike against a Russian city “accidentally” and Russia is talked out of mutually assured destruction by our surrender. He could just send a demonstration strike to a US city so that people understand the alternative. He’d gladly sacrifice a Russian city as an acceptable price to pay.

Am I being alarmist? If 33-40% of our citizens are MAGA-hat lunatics or corporate sell-outs, do we stand a chance?

Uploading from your local machine

13 July 2018 - 03:01 PM

How does one do this? I've never been able to pull a file from my local machine -- only from a web URL. And copy / paste from the clipboard doesn't seem possible with media data.