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Republican Assault on LGBT People

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Posted 31 December 2018 - 02:30 PM

I figured this needed its own thread by now since we can probably expect more gay bashing wrapped in victimhood ("Christians like me are soooooo persecuted!") coming from Republicans desperate to fire up their base. When it comes to the GOP it's never about policy. It's always about identity.

Here we have two Senate Republicans trying to knock out equal rights protections because they don't like somebody.


One senator’s opposition to LGBT rights could indefinitely shut down the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission come 2019.

And the only person who can stop that from happening is Mitch McConnell.

Because Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has publicly stated that he will not vote for a slate of Trump EEOC nominees that includes Chai Feldblum—an out lesbian whom Lee has accused of trying “to undermine our nation’s founding principles”—it’s unlikely that the Senate will be able to fill the seats required to keep the EEOC fully operational.

In other words, at the end of the current legislative session, the federal agency tasked with enforcing civil rights law in the workplace—including LGBT protections—will be unable to do so until enough commissioners are appointed or reappointed.

The only way to stop that from happening would be for Mitch McConnell to bring the matter before the full Senate for a vote—but the probability of that happening before midnight on New Year’s Eve is low. (“It’s not likely McConnell will extend the session for this,” one anonymous congressional staffer told NBC News.)

And here's the victimhood. Notice how Mike Lee studiously avoids confronting the meat of the situation. He appears only to be concerned with making a big splash for his "Christian" base.


Trump’s December 2017 re-appointment of Feldblum, a former Georgetown professor who has served on the EEOC since 2010, has long been an object of ire for social conservatives and anti-LGBT groups, as The Atlantic reported in April.

Those groups see Feldblum as a radical threat to “religious liberty” based on her support of same-sex marriage rights and her efforts to include sexual orientation and gender identity in non-discrimination law.

Asked about Sen. Lee’s opposition to Feldblum’s confirmation, a spokesperson told The Daily Beast that she held “extreme views on the use of government power to crush religious minorities.”

Sen. Lee’s office also pointed to a speech he gave two weeks ago in which he depicts Feldblum as hostile to religious rights.

Feldblum herself responded to Sen. Lee’s speech in a Medium post last week, alleging that the quotes in his speech “were either misconstrued or taken out of context.” She explained that she believes full compliance with non-discrimination laws should be mandatory for employers whether or not they are owned by “religious individuals”—but that this is a separate issue from the matter of religious organizations.

“During the confirmation process, I asked Senator Lee several times to meet with me so he could hear my views directly,” Feldblum wrote. “He chose not to do [so]. It is unfortunate that I did not have the opportunity to explain to Senator Lee how the quotes he was using failed to capture my full position.”

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 03:54 AM

I appreciate that the issue at hand is politicians appealing to base prejudices so this is at a bit of a tangent, but I saw a documentary about Freddie Mercury last night. What a wonderful human being he was.
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