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Pelosi and the House Speakership Vote

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Posted 03 January 2019 - 03:13 PM

The anti-Pelosi gang who attempted a rudderless, brainless, substantive goal free uprising may not like what 2020 has to bring.


As Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is poised to once again take the gavel as Speaker of the House, there are already indications that the short-lived rebellion against her return could precipitate political consequences in 2020.

Progressive organizations are already eying possible Democratic incumbents for primaries both in safer blue districts and based on their participation in an effort to keep Pelosi from becoming speaker again.

The central target of that effort is Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA), who led a charge for new leadership in the House.

There are a number of people already considering challenging him in a 2020 primary and he faced some backlash from constituents at a November town hall.

And now exclusive polling provided to The Daily Beast from the outfit Slingshot Strategies, in partnership with the progressive firm Data for Progress, indicates that Moulton could be vulnerable in a primary challenge.

The survey of 300 likely Democratic primary voters in Massachusetts’ 6th congressional district, conducted online from Dec. 17 to 27, found that Moulton had a 61% favorable rating. But when pitted against other prospective Democratic challengers, only 49% said that they would back him. Of those surveyed, 29% said they were not sure.

“Seth Moulton is in real political trouble over his hesitancy to vote for Pelosi,” Evan Ross Smith, co-founder of Slingshot Strategies said. “Only 49% of Democrats say they’ll vote for Moulton again in the 2020 primary, and a majority want to see unity behind Pelosi. Moulton will be forced to defend his political decision making, and is clearly vulnerable to potential primary challengers who are already registering double-digit support.”

I have no problem with speaking truth to power but this was a silly, downright childish attempt at change just to say you were involved in change. Those involved proved themselves unfit to take over the positions of the leader(s) they wanted to oust. It also teaches others that there are consequences to acting the fool in the Democratic Party. Public temper tantrums are great for Republican political careers but they should never become part and parcel of the Democratic m.o. I'd say the next one who needs to be put in their place is Sanders. Of course he's not even in the party so I don't know why they allow him to push them around.
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