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Wisconsin Republicans Already Trying to Limit Income Dem Governor's Power

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Posted 08 November 2018 - 05:27 PM

This is a page right out of the North Carolina Republican playbook. The NC GOPers have turned gubernatorial power on and off multiple times based upon who was in office. It looks like it's been published to other state Republicans as well.


Wisconsin’s Democratic governor-elect on Tuesday accused the Republicans who control the Legislature of making a “desperate attempt to cling to power” by considering placing new limits on the governor’s office before he takes over in January.

Tony Evers, who narrowly defeated Republican Gov. Scott Walker, said GOP legislative leaders should “stop any and all attempts to play politics and weaken the powers of the governor’s office.” Evers said in a statement that such a move would be a “complete violation of the separation of powers in our system.”

Senate Republicans were meeting privately Thursday to discuss ways to reduce Evers’ powers, a day after Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he, too, would be open to doing that.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in an interview on WISN-AM that Republicans were discussing limiting the governor’s authority over a process of enacting rules that have the power of law. The Legislature increased Walker’s authority over that process shortly after he took office in 2011. Republicans have been in complete control of the Legislature and governor’s since that year.

Walker hasn’t said whether he would sign any such bills into law before he leaves office on Jan. 7. His spokeswoman, Amy Hasenberg, didn’t immediately reply to a message seeking comment. Such a move has precedent: Republicans in North Carolina two years ago limited the number of appointments that the Democratic governor-elect, Roy Cooper, could make once he took office.

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