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Russia Flexing It's Muscle Now That Putin's Poodle Is In the White House

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Posted 15 February 2017 - 11:34 AM

Russia is now violating a 1987 treaty limiting nuclear weapons. I'm sure Trump will thump his chest and turn red in rage. Of course with a non-functional national security staff, that's about all he's capable of doing ... and Putin knows it. It was all part of the plan.


The Russian military has reportedly deployed a new, nuclear-armed cruise missile, in direct violation of a 1987 treaty with the United States that bans hard-to-defeat medium-range, land-based nukes.

The deployment of the truck-launched SSC-8 missile apparently somewhere in Eastern Europe, first reported by The New York Times, could escalate nuclear competition between the United States and Russia.

President Trump and his allies in the U.S. Congress have, in just the first few weeks of Trump's administration, already threatened to dismantle hard-won, Cold War-era arms-control measures—the same kinds of measures Russia is now defying. Increasingly unconstrained by treaties, the United States and Russia are set to grow and improve their atomic arsenals, which could greatly raise the risk of nuclear war.

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