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Posted 26 June 2019 - 10:54 AM

NRA shuts down NRATV: report

The National Rifle Association will no longer produce live content for NRATV, its broadcasting media arm, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

The NRA has also cut ties with Ackerman McQueen, the advertising firm that operated NRATV, the Times reported, citing interviews and documents.

“Many members expressed concern about the messaging on NRATV becoming too far removed from our core mission: defending the Second Amendment,” Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s longtime chief executive, wrote in a message to members that the Times reported was expected to be sent out by Wednesday.
“So, after careful consideration, I am announcing that starting today, we are undergoing a significant change in our communications strategy. We are no longer airing ‘live TV’ programming.


As always, "sending thoughts and prayers". Comment: must have been a drain on Mr Lapierre's suit budget
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If you've got public schools paid for by taxpayers, you're in a socialist nation. If you have public roads paid for by taxpayers, socialist nation. If you've got public defense (police, fire, military, coast guard) paid for by tax dollars, socialist nation. If you're in a nation that has nationalized or localized delivery of services that are not paid for by users alone, you're in a socialist nation- the only question is how socialist. As I see it, we have the military pay to protecting the shipping lanes for our fuel needs which makes up very socialist. In a capitalist nation, the people supplying the oil would pay for their own defense force.

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Posted 27 June 2019 - 12:17 AM

How I laughed! I'm still laughing. But the times are so out of joint that it probably doesn't mean a great deal in the bigger picture. Even if God struck dead the entire board and senior management of the NRA, and Donald Trump and all his Administration, you'd (we'd!) still be stuck with the Republican Party and all who vote for them (Oregon?!). Brethren[1], we are in deep doo-doos, and I don't mean maybe.

[1] I don't know the old word for "sisters", but I'll 'ave a butcher's at the ole OED and do a birra googlin', know wha' I mean?
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Posted 27 June 2019 - 09:24 AM

German is "Schwestern" in case that helps.
The way a lot of catastrophes happen is that X doesn't occur because there are safeguards in place, therefore people assume X isn't a worry and they remove the safeguards. Then X happens.
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Posted 17 July 2019 - 04:46 PM

The rats are leaving the SS NRA.


Another top National Rifle Association official, Jennifer Baker, is out at the organization amid ongoing inner tumult.

Baker was the director of public affairs for the NRA’s lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action.

In a statement to TPM, the NRA downplayed the departure as part of “a reorganization of its public affairs function this week.”

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