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Posted 10 February 2020 - 02:41 PM

With a solution needed for Brexit and the recent elections it seemed reasonable to start a thread. The big election news is that Sinn Féin come out as big winners. How will all this play out? Who knows but the article makes it sound like younger voters are more supportive due to the party's positions and less impacted by their history.


The Republic of Ireland looks set to have former Irish Republican Army members in the parties of government after Sinn Féin, long regarded as a minority outfit, swept the boards with a shock election result this weekend.

There is now feverish speculation that Sinn Féin will enter into a coalition and form a government, most likely with one of the big parties of the establishment.

Counting of votes is a slow process under Ireland’s Single Transferrable Vote system, which allows voters to select multiple candidates in order of preference. However, results coming in Monday indicated that Sinn Féin had collected 24.5 percent of the all-important first preference votes, putting it well ahead of its mainstream rivals.

This prompted Sinn Féin’s leader, Mary Lou McDonald, to declare: “Sinn Féin has won the election. We have won the popular vote.”

In fact, vote-management concerns meant that Sinn Féin only ran 42 candidates, and therefore cannot win a majority seats in the country’s parliament; however the party may collect as many as 37 or 38 of the 160 seats available.

It’s a seismic shock to a duopoly that, since 1932, has seen one of two parties hold power in an uninterrupted sequence: either Fianna Fáil (“Soldiers of Destiny”) or Fine Gael (“Tribe of the Irish”).

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