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Faux News Getting Competition from the Wingnut Right

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Posted 06 September 2019 - 12:21 PM

As we've seen Faux News try to rein in the craziest of the crazy it appears that competition from the wingnut right is rising up to grab that space. We've talked about OneAmerica here and here. Now Newsmax, which has been so whacked out that it's hard to even call it fringe, is making a move to be more competitive.


In its longshot quest to take on Fox News as the leading conservative cable-news destination, Newsmax has enlisted the services of Bill O’Reilly’s long-time executive producer.

Newsmax chief Chris Ruddy confirmed to The Daily Beast that David Tabacoff, who served as O’Reilly’s right-hand man for 16 years, is working with the upstart cable channel as it ramps up its efforts to compete with rivals like Fox News and One America News Network.

“David is advising us as a consultant,” Ruddy said in an email. “He is one of the greatest producers in television, and we’re glad to have him assist us in building out our programming as we reach over 70 million cable homes.”

Tabacoff worked for ABC News for 25 years before joining Fox News in 2001, serving as O’Reilly’s top producer for nearly two decades until the primetime star’s ouster over multiple sexual-harassment settlements. Tabacoff clarified to The Daily Beast that he is “working as a consultant with a few clients.”

Faux is walking a fine line, trying to keep the frothy right-wing they helped create loyal while attempting to gather an extra shred or two of dignity. They may find that programming that spans these demographics isn't even possible. And there are clearly outlets with money that are more than ready to slice the frothies away from Faux.
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