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"Clinton Cash" Liar Is Now Going After Biden

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Posted 13 May 2019 - 12:36 PM

The Clinton Cash douchebag is at it again and the author of this piece at TDB implores the MSM not to fall for it. This asshole is a proven liar and literally nothing he says or writes should be considered anything but a lie until clearly proven otherwise.


Are we really going to do this again, Fourth Estate? Are we seriously going to let a far-right propagandist who’s a close buddy of Steve Bannon frame the discussion of the (for now) leading Democratic contender for president? We went down this road in 2015-16, and I had thought that most everyone on the sane side of the fever swamps agreed that it was a shameful moment for the media. So why would we repeat it?

I refer here to Peter Schweizer, whose “investigative journalism” in 2015 just happened to target Hillary Clinton and today just happens to target Joe Biden. What a coincidence!

Virtually none of his allegations about Clinton back then were true. I don’t know all the facts on Biden. The Ukraine allegations have been credibly debunked. On the China stuff relating to Biden’s son Hunter, I don’t know. If there’s something to it, then so be it. But we know enough about Schweizer’s method to be extremely skeptical of any claim by him.
I reviewed Clinton Cash in 2015 and summarized Schweizer’s method. Basically, he does just enough work that resembles journalism that he can sucker some people into believing that what he produces is real journalism. He procures documents and gathers facts, or “facts,” and he writes in the traditional way, so it reads like journalism.

But if you read closely and critically, you see that he just asserts that these facts surely mean X. Real investigative reporters—and I am not one, obviously, but I’ve known a lot of them, and some of the best, like the late, great Wayne Barrett—then make dozens of phone calls to the people involved. Anybody who’s done any amount of document-based reporting knows that things are often not as simple as a certain, highly selected set of facts makes them appear to be, and that you have to talk to the principals to learn the motivations that were behind the words on paper.

Schweizer doesn’t do this, and he gets stuff wrong. The most notable whopper in the Clinton book was an allegation that she changed from an anti- to a pro-India position on a nuclear agreement with the United States after Indian donors contributed to the Clinton Foundation. But Hillary had been for the deal the whole time. Another big Schweizer scoop, the Uranium One story, was a lie from front to back.

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